Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Drake's Manny Pacquiao Impersonation is Extremely Racist... And You Didn't Even Realize It

I woke up this morning expecting to get on the Internet and read about winners at the ESPY awards last night.  Instead I saw a video that offended me only to then be appalled at the people who were circulating the video, finding it hilarious.

For those of you who don't know, Drake hosted the ESPY awards and showed a skit of him parodying Manny Pacquiao and his singing.  Now, we can make jokes about Manny all day because he performs concerts after his fights (why? HOW? WHY?).

What offended me about the video was not the choice to poke fun at Manny but the manner in which it was done.  You can't put out a video of you mimicking the accent of another race and think that that's perfectly ok.  Because it isn't.  It's just as bad as white frat boys throwing blackface parties.

But what really got my blood boiling were the people circulating the video.  It was other Pilipinos! Really? This is ok with you? Y'all should be up in arms about this shit.

See, this is why Pilipinos are viewed as the "model minority." This shit is why everyone thinks it's ok to mess with Pilipinos, disregard our history and walk all over us.  Because Pilipinos are the ones who get made fun of and instead of getting up and saying, "Hey, stop that, that's racist," they nod on happy that people are at least finally acknowledging Pilipinos exist.  So you laugh along with the world, share the video and clap like a fucking seal.

No. Fucking no.

I'm tired of this shit.  This shit is NOT ok.

It may not be hate-fueled at all but it's still fucking inappropriate.  Just because it's not some white girl saying, "ching chong ling long ting tong," doesn't make it ok and not racist.  This shit is perpetuating the stereotype to all the people who watched the ESPYs and don't know anything about Pilipinos that they can't speak English properly.  Moreover, it's telling these same people that it's ok to make fun of Pilipinos because they won't fucking do anything about it.  In fact they'll laugh and pat you on the back telling you, "that was a good joke about me. Please, continue to make a mockery of my people."


Drake's parody of Manny Pacquiao was racist because it was a type of blackface. Wake the fuck up people and open your eyes.

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